Dr Cyndy Klima and Professor Rocio Vallejo honored on Faculty Recognition Day by class of 2013

Dr Cyndy Klima

Honoring Student-Athlete: Nick Voggel

Hometown: Tully, NY

High School: Tully Jr/Sr. High School

Major: History

Most Influential Professor: Dr. Cynthia Klima

Professor Klima is a lively and fun professor who has constantly challenged me over the years. I have truly enjoyed having her as my teacher. She has taught me to never give up and keep on trying no matter what. Her lessons will never be forgotten, especially when I visit Germany.

Professor Rocio Vallejo

Honoring Student-Athlete: Cailin Kowalewski

Hometown: Fredonia, NY

High School: Fredonia High School

Major: English

Most Influential Professor: Rocio Vallejo

I have twice been a student in Professor Vallejo’s classes. In both cases, she expected a level of excellence from myself and my classmates that at times seemed unattainable in a second language, but that ultimate-ly helped me develop into a much stronger student and person than I expected. Professor Vallejo is posi-tive, encouraging, and expects nothing less than one hundred percent effort from her students in every-thing that they do. She easily embraces mistakes as opportunities for growth, and offers enthusiasm and support to her students as readily as she challenges them. Her confidence has been invaluable to me as a student, athlete, and individual.


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